My Story

My interest in food and nutrition began when I was diagnosed as a Coeliac at the age of 15. My journey has led me to qualify as a Nutritional Therapist and to setting up Gut Instinct. 

Being recognised as a Coeliac taught me two very important things:

1. The food you consume dictates how you feel. 

2. The importance of listening to your body.

I felt awful the year before I was diagnosed... I was bloated, tired, mentally

struggling, my skin was bad, my weight had increased, I just didn't feel myself. 

I knew deep down something wasn't right but it took a long time and visits to a

number of specialists before someone was actually able to tell me what was


Upon diagnosis I felt relieved. I thought to myself 'finally I might start

feeling better' and more importantly, 'I was right!'

That is why Gut Instinct seemed the perfect name for my Company. Your gut

instinct is a powerful source of communication between your inner and outer world.

It keeps you safe by warning you intuitively of something wrong within. It also supports recent scientific research that has discovered the powerful link between the gut and the brain. A happy gut means a happy you... literally. So look after it and feed it well. 

I listened and as a result I changed my diet and I can now say I feel myself again. 

I therefore ask you all to acknowledge your gut instinct - If you genuinely feel something is wrong then trust yourself and get the support you need today. 

Everyone is entitled to feel well.