'I'm so grateful I found Zoe's card and decided to use her nutritional service because it's had such a positive effect on my life. Before I contacted Zoe I was really struggling with a multitude of health issues and I found my local GP wasn't helpful. Before I met with Zoe she asked me to fill out a very detailed questionnaire and I felt so relieved that it was comprehensive and she wanted to know in depth exactly how I had been feeling. Zoe put me on the anti-candida diet as she felt my symptoms matched up. It's very restrictive and you have to eliminate a lot of foods so it wasn't easy but Zoe was so supportive every step of the way. Above all I started feeling better and I had the energy to do things I couldn't before, I started to feel like my life was coming back. I understand so much more about nutrition now and how important it is to look after my physical and mental health. Zoe is friendly, supportive, knowledgeable and kind and it's been a pleasure to work with her on getting my health back to normal.' Victoria, 24
'Thank you so much for all your help! You definitely got me on the right track and I will recommend you to anyone I hear who needs a trusty, knowledgable and lovely nutritionist.' Amelia, 23
'I treasure my time with Zoe. I feel every session I have with her I am a step closer to feeling myself again, both physically and mentally. I continue to see her every few months and as ever she is so helpful. I never realised how much the diet can affect you - I would recommend her to anyone.' Lydia, 26