The body as a web

Nutritional Therapy recognises that all areas of the body are connected. Imagine the body to be like a spiders web, a beautiful network of communication and connection that is linked and shows no gaps. This is the body. If a spiders web gets broken, it is no longer functional for the spider, and this is similar for the human. If there are gaps in the communication and pathways of the body then disease or illness usually prevails. It is therefore hugely important for all of us to look after each part of our bodies.

For example, by feeding our stomachs with good food, we are in turn supporting our skin, our organs, our immune system, as they will be receiving the nutrients that they need to thrive. On the other hand, by eating poor food and not supplying our bodies with the right nutrients we are denying them the energy they need and of course they won't be able to function as well.

Another example would be the liver. By reducing the toxins in our lives we are not putting the liver under too much strain. This means it can do its job, without being overloaded, and remove the toxins and waste products from our body. This in turn will help other areas of our body flourish and work efficiently as our bodies won't be burdened with toxins.

When there is an imbalance and something is array, you may get a cold, develop a food intolerance, or break out in acne. These are all signs that something isn't quite right in our web.

With this in mind, you can understand why Nutritional Therapists want to understand the entire picture when working with clients. If everything is connected then the answer to our problems will lie within us.

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